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I always forget how the low days feel


until I have one. And then I forget how the high days feel.

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 A good friend passed this along to me this past weekend. 

I wanted to share it with all of you. 

Please watch this. You will not regret it. It is only 8 minutes long.

Especially those who may be struggling to find your motivation. 

I hope this will inspire and encourage you.

As my friend once wrote an inspiring post and stated…

Don’t waste the gift. 

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New Zealand

Gotta go some day.

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11th Annual PossAbilities triathlon 

Aside from the never-ending inspiration of those overcoming disabilities and giving it all on the course, it was also inspiring to race alongside professional triathletes and olympians such Lukas Verzbizas, Julie Ertel, Charisa Wernick, Karl Bordine, and Laurel Wassner.  

Money was on the counter this year at the sold-out race, so they all showed up just as my hopes of placing quickly dwindled.  Especially after seeing that Lukas was there.  I’ve got to say though, I’ve never ran as hard as I did at this race.  They all pushed me.  After a disappointing half marathon last weekend, it felt good running beside a friend and telling him that we should maybe slow down since we are not supposed to be running at this pace haha.  Bike leg was much better than last year and best one yet in a race, but a LOT of work left.

I didn’t place in the top 3 and missed out on some cash, but given the field, am very happy to finish 1st in AG and 7th O (2nd amateur I think).  Humbling and inspiring race at the same time with some amazing support!  

The sad thing though is that I jumped into the pool (reverse tri) 6th and lost to Ertel by a few seconds at the finish line.  I am seriously very terrible in the water.

Oh and happy to meet Bob Babbit!